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Frostgram Wotlk 3.3.5a
General information:
Added: 08.10.2019 18:49
Opening date: 01.10.2019 22:00
Owner: Slife
Language: English
Website: frostgram.eu
Votes: 0
Site preview:
Server features:
Rates: x10 Donations:
Version: 3.3.5 Type: PVP
Server Rate

Item Drop Rate 5x

Level Rate 10x(With .xp You can choose 1x until maximal 10x)

Reputation Rate 5x

Honor Rate 2x

Arena Points Rate 2x

Emblem Drop 1 Emblem higher per Boss

The Start Area

In very Start Area are NPCs

They give you :

Heirlooms plus selfcreated Level Equip
1 pet with a unique feature
The Boost(Set 1 Character per Account on Level 80)

Special Features

All professions for each Character (Extra Boost)
Profession token NPC
1vs1 Arena
Triumph Marks NPC
Account bound Mounts
Hidden NPC's in the World (Unique Items)
Crossfaction BG
Crossfaction Dungeon and Raids
Burning Crusade Raids additionally give one Frostmark Per Boss
Many more features. Discover it yourself