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Warcraft Life
General information:
Added: 21.09.2019 19:50
Opening date: 24.08.2019 22:00
Owner: WarcraftLife
Language: International
Website: warcraft.life
Votes: 0
Site preview:
Server features:
Rates: x1 Donations:
Version: 1.12.x Type: PVP
We want to bring to your attention the new World of Warcraft classic server - warcraft.life

Server Features
warcraft.life is as close as possible to the official server. Such as were Nostalrius and Ligths Hope, nor any donat influencing the game, nor any overrated rates and understated bosses. This is exactly the game that many love and appreciate.
The server has a progressive way of opening content, which means that patches will roll gradually, and not immediately the last vanilla patch. We will try as much as possible to comply with all the innovations, as it was implemented by Lizard in the distant 2005.
The server passed open beta testing, as a result of which all minor flaws were eliminated and final settings were made.
A powerful system of various anti-cheat modules almost completely eliminates the possibility of cheats being used by dishonest players in the game.

WEB and connection
Now we use temporary web bindings so that players can register and track at least some data on the server. A full-fledged website has almost been completed and will be installed in the coming days. Please do not rush rotten tomatoes for a temporary web.
Server site - https://warcraft.life/
Forum - https://forum.warcraft.life/
Download client - ftp://warcraft.life/
Realmlist - set realmlist warcraft.life

Those. characteristics.
We purchased server hardware for a server worth more than half a million rubles, which may indicate our serious intentions regarding the further operation of the server. The game server and the entire web are separated into different machines, which further enhances security.

Server Machine Configuration
Game server:
CPU: 2x intel Xeon Silver 4216 (16 Core, 22Mb Cache, 2.1GHz)
Memory: 192GB DDR4 Reg 2666MHz
HDD: 1xSSD 240GB SATA, 1xHDD 600GB SAS 10K,
HPE Smart Array P408i-a SR RAID Controller (2GB + FBWC)
LAN: 1Gb / Sec
Location: Ru, Moscow

Web / FTP NAS server:
CPU: i7-4790K, Overclocking: 5GHz
Memory: 32Gb, DDR3, 2.400Mhz
HDD: 1x M.2 128Gb, ​​2x 512Gb SSD
LAN: 1Gb / Sec
Location: Ru, Moscow