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Added: 04.12.2020 15:35
Opening date: 01.01.2021 12:00
Owner: CrimeCity
 United States
Language: English
Website: www.crimecity.cc
Votes: 0
Game name: MMORPG & MMO
About CrimeCity

CrimeCity is a free, multiplayer, browser-based mafia game set in Europe during the Prohibition period of the 1970s.

During this age, as a player, you take on the part of a small-time gangster and compete with thousands of other players from around the world.

In the game, your first encounters will be pitiful crimes such as fake currency trafficking.

You will be able to Auto theft , smuggle vast amounts of booze, and even engage in organized crime as you advance.


CrimeCity is filled with features that cater to a specific playing style for each player.

We have plenty of casinos for you to choose from, if you're the gambling kind.

After purchasing a single winning lotto ticket, make yourself rich.

Or at the roulette tables to take a spin and try your luck there. Keno, blackjack, slot machines, and more are also available!

You might just want control. You'll need to work with other players in that situation and commit organized crimes. Upon satisfactory completion, these return high experience rewards. Round these off by stealing cars and stealing from corporations to speed up the journey to the top.

Or you'll need to partner up with other players if you're after the riches to move vast amounts of booze across state lines. You can also invest your money in the stock market and banks to further raise it.