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@everyone Dear Kudos Family, We have a real important announcement to make. As we all saw it wasn't the start we were all hoping for, we misjudged the situation and assumed people wanted that fast paced instant pvp, but that was not the case unfortunately. Therefore, we will close the server TEMPORARILY as we are cooking up a real banger of a new concept for all you guys. Hope we did not waste your time these couple of days because what is coming next will be LIT. Many other cool ideas that you will enjoy. Hopefully you guys got to know each other abit, created guilds and friendships in these 2 days because the new KUDOS is all about teamwork and competition. We sincerely apologize for those who enjoy this state of the server but you will forgive us once you try what we have coming. A list of server information will be posted soon and alot more advertising will take place aswell as a tentative reopening date. Hope to see you soon Yours truly, Kudos staff Team!
Website : https://shaiyakudos.com/
Discord https://discord.io/Shaiya-Kudos
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