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Today I would like to present you a new WoW Smart Script editor, that aspires to be editor for the whole database, thus it is named WoW Database Editor (WDE). At the beginning it was developed as Atlantiss internal tool, but we have decided to adapt the code to TC and open the sources to everyone! There are few SAI editors, but they are either really old/buggy or inconvenient to use (often both). That's why I started working on WDE, that is (going to be) a full-featured IDE! Currently it supports Legion (7.3.5) DBC and TrinityCore 7.3.5 database. But more is to come! What is more, it is completely open source! Sadly, it is really not yet ready to use (but you can write a script in it already ofc!), that's why I am making this post - any help is welcome :). No matter if you are beginner or experienced programmer. I strongly believe together we can make a great editor and in result improve overall level of wow scripts as writing scripts in convenient and easy editor let more people get into scripting!

In points:

  • currently legion (7.3.5) support (dbc + TC database) (but more expansions to come!)
  • Very convenient to use (just look at the solution explorer!)
  • Clean look (you can see whole script in readable form)
  • Open source
  • IDE-like feeling (solution explorer, items in tabs, etc...)
  • Some new fresh ideas - like Wait action (look at the screenshot and the video!)
  • Full support for history (undo & read rulez!)
  • In early development - any help is welcome!
Sources: https://github.com/BAndysc/WoWDatabaseEditor

Video presenting WDE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0mmrjshcoY

WoW Database Editor in works

Credits : u/Bandysc


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Bandysc generally delivers some pretty useful guides. Thanks for the share, and nice to see you giving credits :)
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