Scarlet-Wow 3.3.5 flexible raids !


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[Wotlk][WoW Private Server][Flexible Raids Scaled And Dungeons][From 1x to 10x EXP][Scripted Raids/Dungeons/Quests/NPCS][BG/Arena][NoLag][Friendly Staff][Anti-DDoS][Blizz-like 1x-10x-AsideFrom EXP 5x Professions 10xRep 3xWeapon Skill InstantAlt-Friendly-2 Rare Drops From Pre-Raid Dungeon Bosses]

5 Man-Scripted Raids & Dungeons
Version 3.3.5
-Blizz-like Apart from -1x to 10x(You can Change xp ingame via .xp set from 1 to 10)
[Professions 5x][Rep 10x][Honor 1x][Weapon Skill Instant]
-Crossfaction enabled PVE
-PvP - Battlegrounds & Arena
Starting from tier 7 all ICC / 3.3.5 content disabled.
Rediscover WoTLK starting from level 1!

All raids have been scaled to a 5 man party composition. The bosses are scripted to be blizz-like, however in a small number of cases the script/spells are tweaked for a 5man setup.

No pay to win

- No donor gear
- Wintergrasp works
- Starting level 1
- Dinamic Exp Rates from 1x to 10x, Rep and Drop Rates
- Runs latest AzerothCore stable
- Server is built on security, ports/protocols locked down where required etc
- External cloud backups to prevent data loss

Content is now locked


ICC/RS/ToC etc

ToC Area is disabled

All 3.3.5 content

All 5 man dungeons

Emblems of Frost

Website :


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Nice to see the server is actually still running and not closed, like so many other WoW Private Servers. Best of luck with the server!
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