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Guide How to add your server in our Site

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Hello MMOTOP.eu community.
This is a guide how to add your Server at our site!

1.First of all you have to register to our forum

2.After this you have to go at section you want (L2/WoW/AioN/Minecraft/Perfect World/ RF Online / MU Online)
And press "Add New" Button

3.In this time you will have to select if you want to add your server as normal or as Premium User

4.Now you have to add your server informations ! BUT remember to Read our rules ! (I think that it's very simple to understand what you have to do here)

5.Here is your Account Panel Control. Here you can get your API Code also you can be a Premium User or you can delete your server.

6.You will be approved in the next 6 hours! BUT BE CEARFULL! To approve your server you have to add our Vote banner to your server's Website

I hope that i help !
Enjoy our forum and thank you for choosing us!
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