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Hear Kitty plays soothing and distinct orchestral sounds as you gain and spend your combat resources. It's like having your own theme music! You'll hear tones as you gain combo points or stacks of your buffs, and when you hear the final note played, you'll know it's time for a finishing move. Never watch for little red dots or buff stacks again!

These classes and specs work with Hear Kitty:

  • Druids (in cat form): combo points
  • Rogues: combo points
  • Elemental and Enhancement shamans: maelstrom
  • Paladins: holy power
  • Shadow priests: insanity
  • Warlocks: soul shards
  • Monks: chi
  • Arcane mages: arcane charges
  • Frost mages with Glacial Spike: icicles
  • Vehicles with combo points (such as the drakes in Eye of Eternity)
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