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Q. What is a MMOTOP.eu ?
A. MMOTOP.eu helps you find private servers or websites for your favorite MMORPG. We list and rank private servers for Lineage 2, World of Warcraft, Minecraft, Aion, Mu online and many others. This helps gamers find gaming sites and webmasters gain more visitors.

Q. How are servers/sites ranked ?
A. The lists are ranked based on player voting. A vote is counted when a person clicks on the MMOTOP voting link on a webpage, and then confirms their vote. Anti-cheating measures are taken in order to ensure the lists are accurate.

Q. Can i vote without seeing CAPTCHA ?
A. Yes you can if you are registered member. Register Now

Q. How can I add my server to the MMOTOP ?
A. 1st - you must Register an account. 2nd - activate account via email. 3rd - browse to the game of your choice and click Add new button.

Q. Is it free to add my server listing ?
A. Yes, you can add a private server listing for free. You may optionally choose to pay for Premium promotion for your server, but basic listings will always be free.

Q. Do I have to insert the Vote code in my site ?
A. Yes. If you do not enter the Vote code within 3 days , then your site will be removed.

Q. Where do I place my Vote code ?
A. Insert the Vote code on your website in a visible place.

Q. Where i can find my Vote code ?
A. Vote code will be visible in your profile after adding the server.

Q. How can I delete my account ?
A. Contact us with your username and password and we will remove you from our system.

Q. Can I offer to members vote reward for vote ?
A. We support two methods for checking whether members have voted or not. Vote reward API will be visible in your profile after adding the server.

Q. I have a private server for a game but there isn't a category for it.
A. Contact us and we'll see what we can do for you!

Please Contact us if you have any questions not answered here!
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