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Beta Opening:
22 Aug 2019 - 19:00 UTC+3
Grand Opening:
25 Aug 2019 - 19:00 UTC+3

Server Rates for Normal Players:

Experience Points (Exp): x100
Skill Points (Sp): x100
Party Experience Points (Exp): x1.3
Party Skill Points (Sp): x1.3
Drop Adena: x1 (Custom)
Drop Ancient Adena: x1 (Custom)
Drop Items: x1 (Custom)
Drop Raid Items: x1 (Custom)

Server Rates for Legend Players:
Experience Points (Exp): x200
Skill Points (Sp): x200
Party Experience Points (Exp): x1.3
Party Skill Points (Sp): x1.3
Drop Adena: x2 (Custom)
Drop Ancient Adena: x2 (Custom)
Drop Items: x2 (Custom)
Drop Raid Items: x1 (Custom)

Enchant Rates:
Safe Enchant: +4
Max Enchant: +16
Normal Scroll Rate (Max +12): 55%
Blessed Scroll Rate (Max +12): 75%
Crystal Scroll Rate (Max +16): +13-70% +14-65% +15-60% +16-50%

Augment Rates:
NG Chance: 1%
MG Chance: 5%
HG Chance: 10%
TG Chance: 15%
Augments 1+1

Server Features:
Autolearn Skills

Autoloot Items


Class Master

SubClass Quest

Maximum Sub Class: 5
Weight Limit Boosted
Grade Penalty

Class Based Rescrited Items

Max Buffs: 56
Buffs Duration: 2 Hours
Max Debuffs: 4
Clan Penalties

Maximum Clans in Alliance: 2
Announcement when a Raid Boss spawns
Custom Color Names based on PvP Count
Custom red screen effect when a player dies
Reworked all Skills / Items & Class Balance
Fully Working Geodata
Antibot Protection

Starting Information:
Starting Level: 20
Starting Buffs
Starting Adena: 10kk
Starting Zone: Hunters Village. You can buy everything you need for free from Newbie Trader and then use newbie teleporter to start your adventure.

Server Events:
Double Domination
Last Man Standing
Lucky Chests
Simon Says
Team vs Team
VIP Team vs Team
Capture The Flag
Korean TvT

Server Clan System (anti-zerg):
Create a clan = lvl 8 instantly
Max Clan Members per clan = 30 = 3 pt (Max Side with ally & Clan 6 Party)
Max Clan ally = 1
Automatic Custom item for clan skills + Rep
All your members of your clan have all the clan skills (u dont need to create Royal Guards & Knights)
Royal Guards & Knights are disabled

Olympiad Information:
Olympiad Start at 18:00 EEST-UTC+3
Olympiad Heroes: Weekly
Olympiad Max Enchant: +6

Also Check our Server Zones Information.

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