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Works with WoD Live Legion Pre-Patch 7.0.3!
Watch the YouTube Video Description/Tutorial!
DejaView is an up to date compilation of all my addons put into one neat and tidy package.


DejaView contains modules for the following:

BobUI BSC Cast Bars

  • Bob's simple and neat cast bar replacement.

Watch the DejaCharacterStats YouTube Video Description/Tutorial!

Display logic:
  • Only melee (Hunter, melee DPS and tanks) display damage, attack power and attack speed.
  • Only casters have Spell Power and Mp5 displayed.
  • Only Hunters have Focus Regen displayed.
  • Only Death Knights have Rune Speed displayed.
  • Only Rogues, Guardian/Feral Druids and Windwalker/Brewmaster Monks have Energy Regen displayed.
  • Only tanks have Dodge, Parry and Block displayed, and only if appropriate (i.e. no Block is displayed for Vengeance, no Parry is displayed for Guardian).
  • Everything else is hidden unless the character has that stat; i.e. Leech and Avoidance are hidden unless or until you get some of those stats.

  • Removes the chat buttons
  • Moves the chat edit box to the top of the chat frame
  • Allows the chat frame to be moved to the bottom of the screen.
  • Allows shift-scroll to top and bottom of the chat frame.
  • Hides the chat tabs until mouseover.

Watch the DejaMark YouTube Video Description/Tutorial!

  • Set the key-binding in the WoW key-bindings menu under "DejaMark".
  • Hold down your chosen key to show the markers at your mouse cursor. Release the key to hide them again.
  • Left click an icon to set a target marker. Left click the same icon again to remove the same marker.
  • Left click the circle-backslash symbol while having a target to remove all target markers.
  • Right click an icon to place a world marker on your mouse cursor then left click in the world to place the world marker. Right click an icon again to remove the world marker from the world and place it on your mouse cursor again. Right click in the world to remove a world flare from your mouse cursor.
  • Right click the circle-backslash symbol to remove all world markers.

  • Removes all minimap art.
  • Adds player coordinates at the top.
  • Adds a nicer visible clock at the bottom.
  • Makes the minimap drag-able and able to save the user's placement.
  • Makes the minimap square.
  • Provides minimap mousewheel zoom scrolling.
  • Hides the clock button, display time on mouseover of the bottom of the minimap, click for the timer.
  • Hides the tracking button, click on the minimap's upper left corner for tracking menu.
  • Hides the world map button, click on the top middle of the minimap to open the world map.
  • Hides the calendar button, click on the top right of the minimap to open the calendar.
  • Hides the Garrison/Order Hall menu button, click on the bottom left of the minimap to open the Garrison/Order Hall display.
  • Hides the party and raid manager frame (that bar on the left when you are in a party or raid).
  • Shows the party and raid frame manager on mouseover.
  • Hide the default raid frames with the built in hide button on the party and raid manager.

  • Provides a moveable frame that shows and fades on mouse-over for:
  • Memory usage
  • Latency
  • Frames per second
  • Player money
  • Remaining player bagslots
  • Player armor durability percentage
Unit Frames
  • Removes the art from the player, pet, target and focus frames for a sleek look.
  • Moves the target debuff display to the center of the screen horizontally and about 1/3 above the bottom vertically.
  • Moves the target buff frame to just above the debuffs so they do not move all the time.
Action Bars
  • Removes all main action bar and minimap art.
  • Stacks the action bars, stance/shapeshift and pet action bars which are movable with: Hold ALT and Right-click-drag.
  • Hidden Micro Menu buttons appear above the Minimap and are movable.
XP & Reputation Bars
  • Moves the XP, Reputation, and Artifact bars into the main bar stack.
  • Moves the main game tooltip to the center of the right side of the screen.
Other UI Tweaks
  • Automatically sells junk gray items.
  • Automatically repairs armor at a repair vendor. Guild bank repairs are attempted first.
  • Adds simplified commands for reloading the UI, ready check and role check.
  • Install to your addon directory and login to WoW. There are no preferences. If you wish to move frames or buttons to your liking or otherwise change things around then you will have to edit the lua file.
  • Scale the UI with the default UI scale in the Game Menu>System>Advanced menu screen.
  • Scale the minimap with the slider in the DejaView addon options panel.
  • Also See "Slash Commands" below.
Movable Frames:
  • Stance bar
  • Pet action bar
  • Bag bar
  • Minimap
  • Right side action bars
  • Stat frame
  • Buffs
  • Debuffs
  • Menu Buttons
  • Main Game Tooltip
  • Objective Tracker
  • Garrison Report
  • Three stacked main action bars, individually (NYI, todo soon)
  • XP and Rep bars (NYI, todo soon)
Slash Commands:
  • /dejaview = display the DejaView slash commands
  • /dejaview unlock = unlock/show all DejaView movable frames
  • /dejaview lock = lock/hide all DejaView movable frames
  • /dejaview config = open the config panel
  • /rl = reload UI
  • /rc = ready check
  • /cr = role check
Object/Frame Movement:
  • Most elements, except the three stacked main bars, can be moved by unlocking the DejaView frames in the DejaView addons options panel and dragging them to where you wish.
Known Issues:
  • The micro menu buttons revert to their default location after a cutscene. Raid unit frames may not update characters joining/leaving the party/raid while in combat; reload the UI (/rl) if they don't update after exiting combat.
  • Implement moveable action bars.
  • Implement reputation bar visibility with XP and Artifact bars.
  • Implement object scaling sliders.
  • Many more.
Special Thanks:
  • Phanx, Bob, Ro, Choonster, Baudzila, Zork, Ertkal and Eurytus

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