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Rules Adding server rules

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If you have not read the rules, that does not mean you should not keep them !!!
If you are not the server owner. DO NOT add the server !
  1. Main condition to get approved in MMOTOP list is our vote code. This code must be added in your website in a visible location. REMOVAL of the MMOTOP vote code will remove your site from the list.
  2. Multiple accounts are forbidden. Do not add the same server 2 times to the same account or different accounts, both servers will be disabled.
  3. Servers must be FREE Public servers. You can have any registration method, but the public must be allowed to play for free.
  4. No illegal or crap info allowed in the listing form.
  5. No links to files are allowed.
  6. No redirect to another website
  7. You must add your server status and date correctly also you must keep your server status updated.
  8. Server name cannot be edited after insertion into the database, so please add it right. Don't add rates/chronicles in server name, will be removed.
  9. You must have a working website / forum for users to contact you.
Periods of approval for servers added in MMOTOP
Coming soon - 6 hours​
Beta server - 6 hours​
Live server - 6 hours​

If you do not want to wait three days be approved visit this link https://mmotop.eu/l2/advertising/premium/
to visit the link which is written above you must be a registered user and verified by email
We may make changes to these rules at any time.
You may be asked to review these rules again if it changes in the future.
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